Friday, February 24, 2012

Aqumin Volatility Newsletter 2/24/2012 - $HA

The Week’s Casualties

Setting up for next week is always a little iffy around the weekend. While I think the “Weekend Risk” factor of the last 6 months is subsiding a bit it is still there. What I do like to use the AlphaVision™ for Bloomberg Landscape for is to set up possible ideas for the following weeks. If there is any activity that looks interesting I mark it for action.

This time though I just want to see a shot of 1 Week Total Return. I have the landscape sorted by average 1 Week Total Return so the worst performing names will be at the top of the Landscape Horizon. I also got very granular with the BICS Industry Subgroups so I can pick through them. The simple one going into the weekend was the group smack in the Airlines. It is most likely related to oil prices. The group just to the right is the Solar Chip makers, but over capacity there looks to be a long term problem. I am using the IV30 over HV60 view here to see if the juice got bid up a bit. Besides HA (Hawaiian Air) which does not move much, the options did not respond considerably to the down move as most of the volatility colors are not showing any big moves. I think the Airlines snap back fast with lower oil prices, but you will have to be patient on this one.

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