Monday, January 19, 2009

13 Week Winners and Losers

Written By: Andrew Giovinazzi

By clicking on the 13 Week Price Pct Change Quick View (provided in AlphaVision), well performing sectors stand out. The better a stock performs, the greener it is, the poorer the performance, the redder it is. Sorting just the Big Caps ($2 billion or more) and changing the scale to 13 Week Price Pct Change reveals a few key sectors: Electric Utilities, Precious Metals, Educational Services, Re-Insurance and Drugs.

Flip the landscape to see the market laggards.

The poor performing sectors that continue to make new lows (after September) are: Banks, Investment Services, Financial Services (Diversified) and Automotives. While Wells Fargo (WFC) has been profitable through the financial crisis, it is now performing like the rest of the group.