Monday, June 20, 2011

$CRS Aqumin Opening Update 06/20/2011

This view just after the open helps identify stocks that are gapping up or down early and might present early opportunities.

Opening View CRS 06202011

Focus: Materials

CRS is up 10.84% this morning at 10:42 am ET on acquisition news. CRS 30 Day Put Implied Volatility is up 16 pts. for the day from 39.5% to 55.6% and rising off of short term 30 Day Implied Volatility lows. CRS is the largest gaining Materials stock this morning for names with actively traded options.

Use the One Day Change in IV30 puts and Real Time Price Change View in the View Library in AV for Bloomberg to follow the morning activity and throughout the day. Order the landscape by Last Trade/Last Price for real time screening on the top 2645 traded option classes without unnecessary alerts.