Wednesday, March 3, 2010


30 day bounce  3 3 10 (2)

Color- Stocks closest to their 30 Day Lows in green, farthest from 30 Day Lows in red.

Sort- Stocks closest to their 30 Day Lows in the lower left-hand corner of each Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) sub group.  Stocks closer to 30 Day Highs are in the upper right.

Height - Two (2) Day Pct Change (All Sessions) is positive and above the horizon, negative below.

Look for Green groups of stocks above the horizon, indicating that they have underperformed the market overall in the last 30 days, but are moving up over the last 2 days.  Green stocks in the lower left hand corners are close to their 30 Day Lows and trading higher on the last 2 days.  Red stocks in the upper right of each group are close to their 30 Day Highs and trading higher on the last 2 days.

These issues are starting to bounce off of their near term (30 Day) lows to catch up with other parts of the market.  Notice how the GICS sub group Electric Utilities is mostly green, with height indicating that they are inching up.

To use this view, download AV for Bloomberg, (you will need to request an activation key for a free trial) then download and open the Net Income Surprise from this link:  30 day Bounce.aqv

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