Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aqumin Volatility Newsletter 08/26/2014 - $PCG

Lots of energy

$200 close on the SPY and an almost close of $2000 on the SPX on Monday makes $1500 a long way back in the rear view mirror. Time is slowly erasing the financial crisis as asset prices start to really take off again. The problem of course with a market at all-time highs is finding a bargain in the first place. I think that is where the US equity market finds itself today.

If we look at the out of the ordinary option trades, the tenor of a few of them is a bit odd. I was looking at my Relative Volume screen in OptionVision™ and a large buyer of the PCG Oct 46 calls showed up. Note the green spike has a jump in IV so the big volume was mostly buying.

8-26-2014 9-06-50 AM

The curious item is why buy an ATM call in a stock, a utility, that is going to go ex-Dividend during the cycle of the call. Paying $1 for the call means the holder will miss the dividend if the call is still just ATM. Unless of course the call buyers think PCG is going to jump big out of the gate and missing the potential dividend won’t matter too much. Still, PCG has to make a big move up for this to happen. Maybe the volume thinks PCG is in play. You can accomplish a stock capture play by just selling the Oct 45 put and take the stock at the $44.20 just in case PCG does not make the monster move the trader keeps the credit. All-time highs lead investors to do curious things.

OptionVision™ – data from ORATS

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