Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Price Deviation vs.RSI 14 Day


Price Deviation vs. RSI 14 Day compares short term price changes with mid-term RSI (14 Day) to show acceleration and possible break out (up or down).

2 Day Price deviation expressed as a Standard Deviation from the previous 100 days for Color and Height. Tall and Green is more deviation, Short and Red is less deviation (below the horizon)

Each sector is sorted by RSI 14 Day with the higher numbers (more relative strength) in the lower left.  Stocks of note are tall, green in the lower left of each GICS Industry Sub Sector which are strongly leading their peers.  Sub Sectors with mostly tall, green issues are also interesting because the whole Sub Group shows strength.

The  GICS Sub Sectors shown are in the Energy and Utilities Industries for the Russell 3000.

To use this view, download AV for Bloomberg, (you will need to request an activation key for a free trial) then download and open the Price Deviation vs. RSI 14 Day View from this link:  Price Deviation vs. RSI 14 Day.aqv

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